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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Weekly Medical News Newsletter - 5 February 2011

Abortion News
Georgia Legislation Would Ban Abortions After 20 Weeks' Gestation01 Feb 2011
New York Times Editorials, Letter To The Editor Critique Recently Proposed Legislation Restricting Abortion Access01 Feb 2011
Blogs Comment On The Abortion Rights Movement, Crisis Pregnancy Centers, Birth Control Access31 Jan 2011
New Jersey Gov. Christie Deceptive On Extent Of His Antiabortion-Rights Stance, Editorial Says31 Jan 2011
NARAL Pro-Choice America's Keenan Explains Threat Of 'Stupak On Steroids'31 Jan 2011
Ark. Senate Passes Bill To Prohibit Abortion Coverage In Insurance Exchanges; Va. House Approves Tighter Clinic Restrictions31 Jan 2011

Acid Reflux / GERD News
Eisai Receives Complete Response Letter From FDA For Rabeprazole Sodium Extended-Release Capsules, 50 Mg For GERD03 Feb 2011

A Restricted Diet Should Be Part Of Standard Of Care For All Children With ADHD04 Feb 2011
Early Iron Deficiency Damage May Be Eased By Ritalin04 Feb 2011

Aid / Disasters News
UNDP, Global Fund Announce Sweeping New Guards Against Fraud04 Feb 2011
American Red Cross Responds To Massive Winter Storm04 Feb 2011
The Floods In Pakistan Could Have Been Predicted02 Feb 2011
American Red Cross Urges Preparedness As Damaging Winter Storm Threatens About 100 Million People01 Feb 2011
Media Outlets Examine Challenges Facing Pakistan Six Months After Floods01 Feb 2011
U.S. Has No Plans To End Aid To Haiti Despite Disputed Election, Sec. Of State Clinton Says01 Feb 2011
New Approach Needed To Prevent Major 'Systemic Failures'01 Feb 2011
BMJ News Reports On Calls For WHO To Control, Prevent Spread Of Cholera31 Jan 2011
Clinton, Other Speakers Discuss Poverty, Development Issues At World Economic Forum31 Jan 2011
UNICEF: Pakistan Floods Uncover Dire Nutrition Situation31 Jan 2011
Doctors Groups Strive To Get Critically Needed Medical Services Back Into Flood-Affected Towns, Australia30 Jan 2011

Alcohol / Addiction / Illegal Drugs News
Experts See Increasing Numbers Of Teens Abusing Prescription Drugs04 Feb 2011
What Is Alcoholic Liver Disease?03 Feb 2011
What Is Alcohol Poisoning? How Dangerous Is Alcohol Poisoning?03 Feb 2011
UT Southwestern Researchers Lead Network Of Texas Scientists Trying To Find Better Drug-Addiction Treatments03 Feb 2011
Mounting Evidence On The Harms Of Alcohol Industry Sponsorship Of Sport03 Feb 2011
Opiate Abuse And Protracted Abstinence02 Feb 2011
Helping Others Helps Alcoholics Stay On The Road To Recovery31 Jan 2011
Exploring Memory Training As A Strategy For Addiction Treatment29 Jan 2011

Allergy News
Wet Weather Prolongs Australia's Allergy Season03 Feb 2011

Alzheimer's / Dementia News
One Type Of Frontotemporal Dementia May Respond To Malaria Medication03 Feb 2011
Type 2 Insulin (IGF-II) Growth Factor Found To Reinforce Memory And Prevent Forgetfulness03 Feb 2011
People With Dementia Must Not Be Overlooked By Mental Health Strategy, UK03 Feb 2011
Harper Government Takes Action On Alzheimer's Disease03 Feb 2011
BUSM Researchers Involved In First International Collaboration On The Genetics Of Alzheimer's Disease02 Feb 2011
Vanderbilt Joins International Project Focused On Alzheimer's02 Feb 2011
$3.5 Million Invested In Buck Institute's Alzheimer's Drug Development Effort02 Feb 2011
Alzheimer's Society Tackles Stigma Through iPhone01 Feb 2011

Anxiety / Stress News
AZ-TMJ - Stress & TMJ Syndrome: Is Your Stressful Life Taking A Physical Toll On Your Body?03 Feb 2011

Arthritis / Rheumatology News
Rheumatoid Arthritis Researchers Redefine Remission04 Feb 2011
Patients Better Prepared For Knee Replacement Surgery By Prehabilitation04 Feb 2011
Lyme-Disease-Related Arthritis: Effective Treatment Depends On Proper Diagnosis04 Feb 2011
Antares Pharma Announces First Rheumatoid Arthritis Patient Dosed In VIBEX™ MTX Clinical Trial03 Feb 2011
Maxygen Announces Initiation Of Phase I Clinical Trial Under Perseid's Collaboration With Astellas For CTLA4-Ig Program02 Feb 2011
Plexxikon Initiates Phase 1 Clinical Trial For Oral Rheumatoid Arthritis Agent PLX562230 Jan 2011

Asbestos / Mesothelioma News
Courageous Young Mother Battles Mesothelioma; Advocates For Total Ban On Asbestos Use30 Jan 2011

Autism News
Understanding The Autistic Mind01 Feb 2011

Back Pain News
New Study Indicates Predisposition To Lumbar Disc Disease Could Be Inherited04 Feb 2011
AHRQ News And Numbers: Aching Back Sends More Than 3 Million To Emergency Departments03 Feb 2011
American College Of Physicians Issues Advice For High-Value Health Care For Diagnostic Imaging For Low Back Pain03 Feb 2011
New Guidelines: Costly CAT Scans, MRIs, Often Unnecessary01 Feb 2011
News From The Annals Of Internal Medicine: Feb. 1, 2011, Issue01 Feb 2011

Bio-terrorism / Terrorism News
The Negative Effects Of Watching Terror Coverage On TV29 Jan 2011

Biology / Biochemistry News
Researchers Compare Insect Genomes To Hone In On Genes Associated With Complex Social Structure02 Feb 2011
Stealth Armour For Slow Release Microscopic Drug Vesicles, Created By Chemists, Inspired By Plankton02 Feb 2011
Celebration Of The International Year Of Chemistry02 Feb 2011
Plant And Animal Receptor Signaling Pathways Converged During Evolution01 Feb 2011
Antibiotic Offers Potential For Anti-Cancer Activity30 Jan 2011
High School Biology Teachers Reluctant To Endorse Evolution In Class29 Jan 2011

Blood / Hematology News
Ipsen's Partner Inspiration Biopharmaceuticals Announces Non-Inferiority Of IB1001, Its Recombinant Factor IX For Hemophilia B04 Feb 2011
LGC's HyBeacons(R) Technology Is Used In Europe's First Large-Scale Anticoagulation Drug Trial02 Feb 2011
Less Endothelial Function Deterioration With Aging Seen In Young Rats Given Polyphenols02 Feb 2011
ASH Announces The 2011 Translational Research Training In Hematology Participants01 Feb 2011
Scripps Research Scientist Discovers Natural Molecule Indirectly Prevents Stable Clot Formation01 Feb 2011

Bones / Orthopedics News
Extra Five Years Of Life For Osteoporosis Patients Taking Bisphosphonates03 Feb 2011
Potential To Prevent And Treat Bone Diseases From Mother Nature's Medicine Chest03 Feb 2011
An Extra 5 Years Of Life An Unexpected Benefit Of Osteoporosis Treatment03 Feb 2011
BioMimetic Therapeutics Announces Date Of FDA Advisory Panel Review Of Augment™ Bone Graft02 Feb 2011
Biomet Announces Increased Support In 2011 For Biomet/OREF Orthopaedic Graduate Medical Education Partnership31 Jan 2011
Later Puberty Results In Lower Bone Mass And Increases Risk Of Fracture31 Jan 2011

Breast Cancer News
Breast Cancer Survivors At Greater Risk Of Painful Hip Fractures04 Feb 2011
Breast Cancer Cells Outsmart The Immune System And Thrive03 Feb 2011
Breast Biopsies And Microbubble Ultrasound03 Feb 2011
Obese Women Less Likely To Complete Mammograms And More Likely To Report Pain With The Procedure02 Feb 2011
Black And Hispanic Women With Breast Cancer Face Treatment Delays01 Feb 2011
Scientists Unlock The 'Gates' On Sudden Cardiac Death31 Jan 2011
Association Between Hormone Therapy Begun At Menopause And Risk For Breast Cancer31 Jan 2011
Improved Prediction Of Breast Cancer Outcomes: New Test Discovered29 Jan 2011
Protein Related To Aging Holds Breast Cancer Clues29 Jan 2011

Cancer / Oncology News
Cancer Will Kill 84 Million By 2015; Women's Heart Disease, World Cancer Share Today04 Feb 2011
New Booklet Guides Advanced Cancer Patients Through Tough Conversations With Physicians04 Feb 2011
Landmark Initiative To Reduce Healthcare-Associated Infections New Induced Stem Cells May Unmask Cancer At Earliest Stage04 Feb 2011
RainDance Launches DeepSeq™ FFPE Solution For Discovery Of Rare Cancer Mutations04 Feb 2011
ImmunoCellular Therapeutics Announces First Patient Enrolled In Its Phase II Trial Of ICT-10704 Feb 2011
White Blood Cells As A New Diagnostic Technique For Intestinal Cancer04 Feb 2011
Damon Runyon-Rachleff Innovation Awards Granted For Pioneering Ideas In Cancer Research04 Feb 2011
Major EU Project To Tackle Complications Of Childhood Cancer Treatment04 Feb 2011
The Effectiveness Of Cancer Nanotherapies May Be Improved By Generic Drug For Hypertension04 Feb 2011
AstraZeneca And Pfizer Join Cancer Research UK's Stratified Medicine Programme04 Feb 2011
Researchers Pinpoint How One Cancer Gene Functions03 Feb 2011
Expression Analysis Announces Research Acceleration Grant Focusing On Kinase Mutations And Cancer03 Feb 2011
PET Scans May Allow Early Prediction Of Response To Targeted Therapy Of Thyroid Cancer03 Feb 2011
JSI And LIVESTRONG(R) Cancer Anti-Stigma Initiative Commemorates World Cancer Day In Soweto03 Feb 2011
Nanoshell Therapy Found To Be Effective Against Brain Cancer In Early Tests03 Feb 2011
News From The Journal Of Clinical Investigation: Feb. 1, 201103 Feb 2011
AICR Supports World Cancer Day03 Feb 2011
Danger: Avastin In Combo With Chemo Increases Cancer Death Risk02 Feb 2011
February 4 Is World Cancer Day: 10 Recommendations For Lowering Your Cancer Risk02 Feb 2011
Metabolic 'Switch' Identified That Links Normal Growth To Cancer In Drosophila02 Feb 2011
College Of GPs Highlights Lifestyle Factors Reduce Cancer Risk On World Cancer Day, Australia02 Feb 2011
Predicting The Spread Of Cancer From The Level Of Tumor Protein02 Feb 2011
VBL Announces Initiation Of Two Clinical Trials For VB-111, Targeted, Dual-Action, Anti-Angiogenic, Vascular Disruptive Agent For Cancer02 Feb 2011
Cellular Oncology Expands Springer's Cancer Research Portfolio02 Feb 2011
Cancer Society Report 2010: African Americans Highest Cancer Death Rate01 Feb 2011
Long-Sought-After Anticancer Agent Synthesized By Scientists01 Feb 2011
Genetic Mutations In Brain Tumor Development Linked To Altered Cell Metabolism01 Feb 2011
Gastrointestinal Cancer And Tregulatory Lymphocytes01 Feb 2011
Cancer Experts: Dietary Guidelines Could Help Lower US Cancer Rates01 Feb 2011
Yosef Shiloh, Ph.D., Receives The 51st Annual AACR G.H.A. Clowes Memorial Award01 Feb 2011
Novel Cancer-Targeting Investigational Nanoparticle Receives FDA IND Approval For First-In-Human Trial01 Feb 2011
'Cornell Dots' That Light Up Cancer Cells Go Into Clinical Trials01 Feb 2011
Panera Bread Joins Cancer Fight With NJ Partnership01 Feb 2011
XYTOS Introduces Their Cancer Diagnostic Fluorescent Scanning Technique31 Jan 2011
Advaxis Science & Operations Officer Moderates Live Vaccine Panel At Cancer Drug Research Conference31 Jan 2011
Provectus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Completes Patient Accrual And Treatment For Phase 1 Trial Of PV-10 For Liver Cancer30 Jan 2011
Where Immunotherapy's Core Science Discovered, Ground-Breaking Cancer Treatment Begins30 Jan 2011
H3 Biomedicine Launches To Discover And Develop Next Generation Cancer Treatments30 Jan 2011

Cardiovascular / Cardiology News
Why Folic Acid May Prevent A First Heart Attack, But Not A Second04 Feb 2011
New Nanoparticles Make Blood Clots Visible04 Feb 2011
AHA Fight Against Women's Heart Disease; Nation Paints Town RED Friday03 Feb 2011
New Vascular Disease ACDC Identified By NIH, First In A Decade03 Feb 2011
Chance Of Surviving "Shockable" Cardiac Arrests When Bystanders Use An Automated External Defibrillator Are Excellent In Big, Public Venues03 Feb 2011
NIH Grant To Create Cardiovascular Research Network At University Of Louisville03 Feb 2011
Inadequate Treatment For Hypertension And High Cholesterol A Problem In The USA02 Feb 2011
CV Risk Assessment Use Must Increase To Combat Rise In Cardiovascular Disease, Australia02 Feb 2011
Major New Research Programme To Halt Relentless Rise In UK Heart Failure02 Feb 2011
Extensive But Reversible Changes Seen In The Heart When It Is Exposed To Low Oxygen Levels Similar To Those Caused By Many Diseases02 Feb 2011
Losing At Super Bowl Can Increase Cardiac Death Rates01 Feb 2011
Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Reduces Deaths01 Feb 2011
For Patients With A Variety Of Acute Conditions, More Spending Is Associated With Lower Death Rate While Hospitalized01 Feb 2011
A New Acute Cardiac Care Test From Randox Offers The Potential To Save Lives And Millions Of Pounds To The NHS01 Feb 2011
Atlanta Vascular Research Foundation (AVRF) Awarded Innovation PEI Pilot And Discovery Fund Grant30 Jan 2011

Caregivers / Homecare News
Care Regulator Finds Care Home Must Improve, UK03 Feb 2011

Cervical Cancer / HPV Vaccine News
AMA Warns Women Not To Get Complacent About Cervical Screening, Australia04 Feb 2011
Older, Poorer Women From South Asia Have Lowest Screening Rates For Cervical Cancer04 Feb 2011

CJD / vCJD / Mad Cow Disease News
World's First Blood Test For VCJD Developed In MRC Lab04 Feb 2011
Researchers Create Prototype Test To Screen For Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) From Donor Blood03 Feb 2011

Clinical Trials / Drug Trials News
AVEO Pharmaceuticals Initiates Enrollment In A Phase 2 Exploratory Biomarker Study Of Tivozanib03 Feb 2011
Blood Clots: Eli Lilly, Bristol-Myers Halt One Set Of New Anti-Cancer Clinical Trials02 Feb 2011
Acurian Announces Its Contribution Of Over 600 Randomized Patients In Global, Phase III Diabetes Trial At Therapeutic Conference In Amsterdam30 Jan 2011

Colorectal Cancer News
Tanaiste And Minister For Health And Children Welcomes Announcement By The HSE's National Cancer Screening Service, Ireland04 Feb 2011
Dogs Can Detect Bowel Cancer Smell01 Feb 2011

Complementary Medicine / Alternative Medicine News
More Americans Turn To Lower-Cost Alternative Meds, Especially Whites01 Feb 2011

Compliance News
Alarming Number Of People Forget To Take Their Medicine, Australia04 Feb 2011

Conferences News
Conference To Examine Physician Perspective On Social Media And Web 2.0, Paris, France June 22-23, 201104 Feb 2011
MRI In Preclinical Studies Is To Be Discussed At SMi's Imaging In Cancer Drug Development Conference04 Feb 2011
Top Global Health Experts Bring Bold Ideas, Vigorous Debate To Global Health Metrics And Evaluation Conference03 Feb 2011
3rd International Conference On Innovative Approaches In Head And Neck Oncology03 Feb 2011
Experts Concerned About Children's 'Play Deficit' Convene At Clemson University's Madren Conference Center03 Feb 2011
Drug Safety And The Impacts Of Globalization On Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: Linhardt To Present Lessons From 2008 Heparin Deaths03 Feb 2011
25th Southeastern Vitreoretinal Seminar (SEVR) Hosted By Emory Eye Center02 Feb 2011
Protagen At The Personalized Medicine And Diagnostics Europe Congress 2011, 9-10 March31 Jan 2011

Cosmetic Medicine / Plastic Surgery News
A 3D "Before-And-After" Tool For Plastic Surgeons03 Feb 2011
Facelift Makes You Look 12 Years Younger02 Feb 2011
Aesthetic Society Applauds FDA's Effort To Collect Data Concerning A Rare Condition Associated With Breast Implants31 Jan 2011

Crohn's / IBD News
Inflammatory Bowel Disease Treated By New Probiotic01 Feb 2011

Dentistry News
Researchers Find Dental Coverage Pays Off In Long Run For Older Americans04 Feb 2011
BDA Calls For Rapid Progress On Piloting Overdue New Contracts For Northern Ireland03 Feb 2011
BDA Calls For Clarity On Role On Monitor In Dental Practice, UK03 Feb 2011
AAPD Launches Pediatric Oral Health Research And Policy Center03 Feb 2011
Dental Implants Can Be Successful With Less Root Than Crown02 Feb 2011
Free Dental Services For Low-Income Children02 Feb 2011
Oragenics, Inc. Announces A Second Phase 1 Clinical Trial Of SMaRT™ Replacement Therapy02 Feb 2011
Popular Infant Juices Contain Too Much Fluoride, Research Shows02 Feb 2011
For Children In Braces Powerful 3-D X-Rays Should Be The Exception, Not The Rule31 Jan 2011

Depression News
U-M Continues Efforts To Prevent Tragedy Among College Students02 Feb 2011
Brain Pacemakers; A Long-lasting Solution In The Fight Against Depression01 Feb 2011

Dermatology News
Skin Cancer On The Rise; Spring Breakers At Serious Risk04 Feb 2011

Diabetes News
Tethys Bioscience, Inc. Selects RemedyMD Enterprise Registry Solutions To Further Expand Adoption Of PreDx™ Diabetes Risk Score (DRS) Offering03 Feb 2011
Online Survey Launched To Help People Talk Diabetes02 Feb 2011
Anna Katherine Tollett, From Louisiana, Wins American Diabetes Association's National Video Contest02 Feb 2011
Loyola's Diabetes Clinic Offers One-Visit, Comprehensive Care01 Feb 2011
Artificial Pancreas For Pregnant Diabetics Shows Promise In Trial31 Jan 2011
Diabetes Support, Save-Your-Life Tips And A Super Bowl Full Of Recipes31 Jan 2011
The Root Cause Of Blood Vessel Damage In Diabetes Discovered31 Jan 2011
European Diabetes Research Network Receives 6 Million Euros31 Jan 2011

Ear, Nose and Throat News
Link Between Tonsillectomy And Excess Weight Gain In Children02 Feb 2011
Light Therapy For Early-Stage Laryngeal Cancer Is A Voice-Saver31 Jan 2011
Employing Novel Surgery To Remove Rare Tumor, Rebuild Trachea31 Jan 2011

Eating Disorders News
SLaM Launches New Intensive Programme For Adolescent Anorexia, UK01 Feb 2011

Eczema / Psoriasis News
Exposure To Worm Infection In The Womb May Protect Against Eczema, Study Suggests31 Jan 2011

Endocrinology News
Lipocine Inc. Strengthens Its Oral Testosterone IP Portfolio31 Jan 2011

Eye Health / Blindness News
Fera Pharmaceuticals Launches OTC Puralube(R) Ophthalmic Ointment For Dry Eye04 Feb 2011
ACUMINDER™ Tool Helping To Change Contact Lens Wearing Behavior, Survey Shows04 Feb 2011
One Donor Cornea, Two Patients Helped03 Feb 2011
Apple Jupp Ltd: Are You Turning A Blind Eye To Contact Lenses Hygiene? Price Contact Lenses Launches Discount Contact Lens Hygiene Guide02 Feb 2011
Free Radicals In Cornea May Contribute To Fuchs Dystrophy, Most Common Cause Of Corneal Transplants01 Feb 2011
Importance Of Vision Screening For 3- To 5-Year-Olds Reaffirmed01 Feb 2011
ONR's TechSolutions Providing SEALs With New Glasses That Change Lens Color On The Fly31 Jan 2011

Fertility News
Uterine Health More Important Than Egg Quality04 Feb 2011
Liver, Dietary Proteins Key In Fertility02 Feb 2011

Flu / Cold / SARS News
Weekly Influenza Report, 3 February 2011, UK04 Feb 2011
Implementing School Closures Should Alleviate Strain On Hospitals During Epidemics03 Feb 2011
Automated Influenza Surveillance System To Be Certified By Los Alamos National Laboratory02 Feb 2011

GastroIntestinal / Gastroenterology News
HelicoVax Vaccine Targets H. Pylori With Potential To Prevent Gastritis, Ulcer Disease, Gastric Cancer04 Feb 2011
GATTEX(R) (teduglutide) Meets Primary Efficacy Endpoint In Phase 3 Pivotal Study In Patients With Adult Short Bowel Syndrome02 Feb 2011
Link Between Specific Populations Of Gut Bacteria And Fatty Liver02 Feb 2011
New Classification Of Sphincter Of Oddi Dysfunction01 Feb 2011
Bacteria In The Gut May Influence Brain Development And Behaviour01 Feb 2011

Genetics News
Electronic Medical Records To Be Used To Research Genetics Of Drug-Induced SAEs04 Feb 2011
A Study From The 1000 Genomes Project Yields Data For Analyzing Structural Variants In DNA03 Feb 2011
Detailed Map Of Structural Variants Behind Our Genetic Differences Revealed By Multiple Genome Sequencing03 Feb 2011
Detailed Map Of Structural Variants Behind Our Genetic Differences Revealed By Multiple Genome Sequencing03 Feb 2011
'Reverse-Ecology' Tool Demonstrated By Analysis Of Bread Mold Genomes01 Feb 2011
If Junk DNA Is Useful, Why Is It Not Shared Out More Equally?01 Feb 2011
Rock 'N Rollin' DNA31 Jan 2011
Researchers Solve Decades-Old Medical Mysteries With The Help Of Genetics31 Jan 2011
Lifetime Achievement Award For Cedars-Sinai Medical Genetics Institute Director31 Jan 2011
A Mix Of Tiny Gold And Viral Particles - And The DNA Ties That Bind Them29 Jan 2011

Headache / Migraine News
Migraine Surgery Offers Good Long-Term Outcomes02 Feb 2011
Loyola Opens Headache Clinic Exclusively Devoted To Children01 Feb 2011
Allergan, MAP Pharmaceuticals $160 Million Inhalable Migraine Treatment Venture31 Jan 2011

Health Insurance / Medical Insurance News
Viewpoints: Insurance Data Mining And Medicaid Reform In Illinois01 Feb 2011
Judge's Ruling On Health Reform Law Is 'Radical Judicial Activism Run Amok"-and Is Likely To Be Overturned01 Feb 2011
High-Risk Pools, Hospital Readmissions Among Health Law Topics In The News01 Feb 2011
Health Premium Costs: Hot Topic In Partisan Debate01 Feb 2011
Federal Court Judge In Florida Rules Health Law Unconstitutional01 Feb 2011
California Insurers Deny 26% Of All Claims, State's 7 Largest Rejected 67.5 Million Since '0201 Feb 2011
GOP Doctors Caucus Praises Florida Judge Ruling Obamacare Unconstitutional31 Jan 2011
Report Finds Lower Insurance Premiums, More Choices In 2014 For Families, Businesses Under Affordable Care Act31 Jan 2011
Viewpoints: Where Is The Surgeon General; Unions' Health Law Waivers; Mass. Plan To Aid Municipalities31 Jan 2011
The Latest Example Of Corporate Preparations For Health Law Changes31 Jan 2011
In California, Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna And PacifiCare Agree To 60-Day Rate Hike Delay31 Jan 2011
In Effort To Find Common Ground, Possible Areas Of Agreement And Disagreement Emerge31 Jan 2011
Obama Rallies Health Law Backers; HHS Report Claims Premiums Will Go Down Because Of The Overhaul31 Jan 2011
New HHS Report Touts Health Reform Law31 Jan 2011

Heart Disease News
Rapid Response Team Prepares For Snow Shoveling Heart Attacks03 Feb 2011
Link Between A Women's Heart Attack Risk And Maternal Stroke History02 Feb 2011
Nearly 300 Medicines In Development To Treat Diseases That Strike Minorities Disproportionately02 Feb 2011
Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator Leads Fail Most Often In Women, Youths02 Feb 2011
Sunday's Super Bowl Outcome May Be Heartbreaking For Some, Literally01 Feb 2011
Combating Childhood Heart Disease01 Feb 2011
Scientists Convert Skin Cells To Beating Heart Cells01 Feb 2011
Hope For Children With Congenital Heart Disease: Stem Cells Show Promise In Repairing A Child's Heart29 Jan 2011

Terrence Higgins Trust Launches Course To Support HIV-Positive People In Birmingham, UK04 Feb 2011
In The Majority Of AIDS Patients The Viral Load Is Reduced By Therapeutic AIDS Vaccine Designed By HIVACAT03 Feb 2011
Teens With HIV At High Risk For Pregnancy, Complications02 Feb 2011
Johnson & Johnson Deal May Bring HIV/AIDS Drugs To Developing Countries Faster01 Feb 2011
Access To Medicines: Johnson & Johnson/Tibotec AIDS Drug Licenses Exclude Too Many Patients31 Jan 2011
Tibotec Signs Multiple Agreements With Generic Manufacturers To Provide Access To New HIV Treatment30 Jan 2011
HIV Causes Rapid Aging In Key Infection-Fighting Cells, Research Suggests29 Jan 2011

Huntingtons Disease News
Scientists To Study RNAi Technology As A Means To Shut Down Production Of A Protein Responsible For Huntington's Disease31 Jan 2011

Immune System / Vaccines News
Clues To Evolution Of Immune System Provided By Lampreys04 Feb 2011
Dry Powder Vaccine Could Improve Vaccine Delivery In Developing Countries03 Feb 2011
AAP Issues 2011 Immunization Schedules03 Feb 2011
UNICEF Liberia - Measles Campaign Underway In Nimba County03 Feb 2011
U.K., Gates Foundation Announce Extra Funding For Global Polio Eradication As WEF Wraps Up01 Feb 2011
Link Discovered Between Cells' Energy Factories And Damaging Inflammation01 Feb 2011
Recent Releases In Global Health31 Jan 2011

Infectious Diseases / Bacteria / Viruses News
First Study Estimates Economic Impact Of Dengue Illness In Americas At $2.1 Billion Per Year04 Feb 2011
American Red Cross Announces $7.4 Million For Cholera Programs In Haiti04 Feb 2011
Study Finds Contradictory Role Of RIP1 Protein: The 'Death Switch' In Sepsis Also Promotes Survival04 Feb 2011
First New C. difficile Drug In A Generation Significantly Reduces Recurrence Of Infection, Improves Cure Rates04 Feb 2011
Preventing Infection With Technology: CDH Disinfects With Flashing UV Light03 Feb 2011
Key Step In The Development Of A Norovirus Treatment03 Feb 2011
FDA Reminds Health Care Professionals About Safe Use Of Non-Sterile Alcohol Prep Pads03 Feb 2011
What Is Actinomicosis? What Causes Actinomicosis?02 Feb 2011
Size Of Airborne Flu Virus Impacts Risk02 Feb 2011
New Study Alters Long Held Beliefs About Shingles02 Feb 2011
Communication Pathways Within Proteins May Yield New Drug Targets To Stop Superbugs02 Feb 2011
New Name, Well Known Effects Of Nanosilver02 Feb 2011
Sinovac Biotech Files Clinical Trial Applications With SFDA For Its Proprietary Pneumococcal Polysaccharides Vaccines (PPV)01 Feb 2011
Safety Checklist Use Yields 10 Percent Drop In Hospital Deaths01 Feb 2011
Landmark Initiative To Reduce Healthcare-associated Infections Cuts Deaths Among Medicare Patients In Michigan Intensive Care Units01 Feb 2011
Tracing The Evolutionary Path Of Multidrug-Resistant Strep Bacteria31 Jan 2011
Veterinary Researcher Studies Neglected Tropical Diseases In Humans31 Jan 2011
The Key To Most Evolutionary Change In Bacteria Is Gene 'Relocation'29 Jan 2011
Research Shows How Bacteria Stay Ahead Of Vaccines And Antibiotics29 Jan 2011

IT / Internet / E-mail News
ONC Announces Launch Of "Direct Project" Pilots04 Feb 2011
So Long As Parents Play Along, Video Games Are Good For Girls02 Feb 2011
Pathologists Need Computer-Assisted Diagnostic Tools02 Feb 2011
Wikipedia Can Promote Health Worldwide, Say Doctors02 Feb 2011
Whopping 80% Of All Web Users Seek Health Info Online01 Feb 2011
Siemens Healthcare NOVIUS Lab Named "Best In KLAS" For Third Consecutive Year01 Feb 2011
One-Third Of Healthcare Providers Unprepared For Crucial 5010 Compliance Deadline01 Feb 2011

Litigation / Medical Malpractice News
Health Bill Must Guarantee Patients' Access To Compensation, UK01 Feb 2011

Liver Disease / Hepatitis News
10,000 Hepatitis C Patients Could Hold The Key To Better Treatment04 Feb 2011
Incidence Of Hepatitis C Infection In HIV-Infected Men03 Feb 2011
Patients And Physicians Rally On Capitol Hill To Tell Congress YES! We Can Beat Liver Tumors02 Feb 2011
Little Decline Found In Hepatitis C Infections Among Injection Drug Users01 Feb 2011
Apoptotic Mechanisms Of Octreotide On HepG201 Feb 2011
Hepatic Vein Thrombosis Following Liver Resection01 Feb 2011
A Diagnostic Marker In Hepatocellular Carcinoma01 Feb 2011
Iron Overload: Evaluation By MRI01 Feb 2011
Osyris Medical Receives FDA 510(K) For LIPOCONTROL(TM) Laser Assisted Lipolysis System01 Feb 2011

Lung Cancer News
Earlier Detection Of Lung Cancer Via Protein Biomarkers In Exhaled Air04 Feb 2011
New International Classification Of Lung Adenocarcinoma02 Feb 2011
Faster Progression Of Lung Cancer May Be Indicated By High Levels Of Circulating DNA02 Feb 2011
Early Successful Readout Of Tarceva Study In A Distinct Form Of Lung Cancer30 Jan 2011

Lupus News
Research At Virginia-Maryland Regional College Of Veterinary Medicine Uncovers Key To Understanding Cause Of Lupus02 Feb 2011
Lupus Foundation Of America Expands Services With Launch Of New Education Series31 Jan 2011
Link To Increased Atherosclerosis Risk In Lupus Patients Revealed By Researchers29 Jan 2011

Lymphoma / Leukemia / Myeloma News
What Is Acute Myeloid Leukemia? What Causes Acute Myeloid Leukemia?03 Feb 2011
What Is Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia?02 Feb 2011
Patient Trials Of New Leukaemia Cancer Vaccine Begin02 Feb 2011
Southampton Scientists Begin Patient Trials Of New Leukaemia Cancer Vaccine01 Feb 2011
University Of Southampton And Inovio Pharmaceuticals Initiate Phase 2 Clinical Study To Evaluate Leukemia31 Jan 2011
FDA Approves Rituxan For First-Line Maintenance Use In Follicular Lymphoma31 Jan 2011

Medical Devices / Diagnostics News
Medical Technology And Bioanalytics To Benefit From Laser Welding04 Feb 2011
Scientists Model Tiny Rotors, Key To Future Nanomachines03 Feb 2011
Smart Lasers Could Make Cancer Biopsies Painless, Help Speed New Drugs To Market02 Feb 2011
Covidien Announces Launch Of Endo GIA(TM) Curved Tip And Black Reloads With Tri-Staple(TM) Technology02 Feb 2011
Innovative Technology Uses Rust And Sand To Detect Lethal Diseases02 Feb 2011
New Healthcare Products For The Environmental Portfolio01 Feb 2011
Justice Dept. Sues Guidant Over 'Faulty' Heart Devices31 Jan 2011
The Welch Foundation Honors 'Rising Star' For Stellar Work On Nanoparticles, Cell Membranes31 Jan 2011

Medicare / Medicaid / SCHIP News
Medicare Patients Report Problems With Access To Medically Required Equipment And Services Under Controversial "Competitive" Bidding System04 Feb 2011
CMS Announces Selection Of Demonstration Participants In Medicare Imaging Demonstration Project04 Feb 2011
Medicare Proposes New Rules For Notifying Beneficiaries Of Their Right To Lodge Quality Of Care Complaints04 Feb 2011
California's Disabled Elderly Are Barely Holding On02 Feb 2011
New Medicaid Panel 'Off To Rocky Start'; States Continue To Struggle With Medicaid's Pressure On Their Budgets01 Feb 2011
States May Face Showdown With Feds Over Cutting Medicaid Rolls; Efforts To Repeal Medicare Advisory Board Could Attract Dem Support01 Feb 2011
States Target Medicaid For Deep Cuts In Response To Budget Deficits As Program Set To Expand Eligibility Nationwide01 Feb 2011
Threats In Health Care Reform Law Drive Agenda For New "Change"31 Jan 2011
Budget Woes Lead States To Seek Ways To Ease Medicaid's Requirements31 Jan 2011
Reid Standing Firm In Opposition To Senate Health Law Repeal Vote31 Jan 2011
Doctors Continued To Spend Big On Lobbying In 2010; Senate GOP Ready To Question CMS Chief31 Jan 2011
Analyzing Obama's State Of The Union Speech; Assessing Cuomo's Efforts To Cut N.Y.'s Medicaid Budget; Fixing The Failure At Physician Compare29 Jan 2011

Melanoma / Skin Cancer News
A Sun-Triggered Protein Drives Skin Cancer04 Feb 2011
Novel Immune System-Based Gene Therapy Induces Strong Responses In Metastatic Melanoma, Sarcoma01 Feb 2011

Menopause News
Important Position Statements From European Menopause And Andropause Society Published By Maturitas03 Feb 2011

Mental Health News
Misuse Of FDA Exemption Law May Harm Vulnerable Psychiatric Patients04 Feb 2011
Government Commits To Working For Good Mental Health04 Feb 2011
College Response To New Mental Health Strategy, UK04 Feb 2011
College 'Delighted' By Decision To End Disqualification Of MPs On Grounds Of Mental Illness, UK04 Feb 2011
Investing In The Talking Therapies - Good For The Northern Ireland Economy04 Feb 2011
RCN Calls For Sustained Investment In Mental Health Services, UK04 Feb 2011
APA Supports Administration Efforts To Support Military Members And Families, Including Suicide Prevention03 Feb 2011
Study Calculates Lost Wealth From Early Retirement Due To Mental Illness, Australia01 Feb 2011
Mental Health Problems More Common Among Non-Heterosexual People, UK01 Feb 2011
PSA Offers Pharmacist Role To Improve Mental Health Outcomes, Australia01 Feb 2011
Patients Need Continuing Access To Life-Saving Treatment31 Jan 2011

MRI / PET / Ultrasound News
Repeat MRI Screening For Breast Cancer Results In Fewer False Positives02 Feb 2011
Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound Improves Diagnosis Of Medical Conditions In Children31 Jan 2011

MRSA / Drug Resistance News
New HPA Guidance On Tackling Emerging Antibiotic Resistance, UK01 Feb 2011

Multiple Sclerosis News
Histamine Plays An Important Role As An Immune Modulator, A Significant Finding For Multiple Sclerosis Research01 Feb 2011
Catalent Announces Partnership With Nuron Biotech To Provide Sterile Delivery And Supply Of MS Treatment In Phase III Clinical Study01 Feb 2011
Receptos Initiates Clinical Trials For S1P1 Agonist Program, Aimed At Multiple Sclerosis30 Jan 2011

Muscular Dystrophy / ALS News
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (Lou Gherig's Disease): New Genetic Insights30 Jan 2011

Neurology / Neuroscience News
Super Bowl Concussions: Next Year New NFL Sideline Test?04 Feb 2011
Learning Causes Structural Changes In Affected Neurons04 Feb 2011
Weak Electrical Fields In The Brain Help Neurons Fire Together04 Feb 2011
Flash Of Fresh Insight By Electrical Brain Stimulation04 Feb 2011
Metabolic Syndrome Linked To Memory Loss In Older People03 Feb 2011
Targeted Particle Fools Brain's Guardian To Reach Tumors02 Feb 2011
TRPV1 Receptors May Send Signals That Play A Role In Regulating The Extent Of Locomotor Activity02 Feb 2011
Researchers Develop New Test To Study Proteins Involved In Neurodegenerative Diseases02 Feb 2011
Gambling On The Big Game: Athletes Risk Significant Trauma From Concussions02 Feb 2011
Learning From Songbird's Strategy For Changing Its Tune May Aid Rehab Efforts02 Feb 2011
The Wiring That Allows Us To Adapt To The Unexpected02 Feb 2011
Memory Storage, Reactivation Process More Complex Than Previously Thought01 Feb 2011
Improvements In Memory In Older Adults Following Moderate Aerobic Exercise01 Feb 2011
Researchers Uncover Genetic Clues To Compulsive, Self-Injurious Behavior In Rare Childhood Disorder31 Jan 2011
Transcranial Magnetic Brain Stimulation31 Jan 2011
Medtronic Announces Global Launch Of The CD HORIZON(R) SOLERA™ Spinal System30 Jan 2011
Scientists Link Protein To The Insulation Of The Nervous System's Wiring29 Jan 2011

Nursing / Midwifery News
Simple Interventions Reduce Newborn Deaths In Africa04 Feb 2011
Performance-Based Payment Incentives May Not Foster Improved Conditions For Nurses04 Feb 2011
Critical Care Journal Publishes Symposium Series On Benefits Of Certification For Clinicians04 Feb 2011
Restrictions On Social Care A "False Economy"- RCN, UK04 Feb 2011
CMA And CSA Seek Reversal Of Court Ruling On Nurse Anesthetists04 Feb 2011
New York State Nurses Association Statement: Executive Budget Relating To Health Care02 Feb 2011
Expert Rehabilitation Nurses Available To Discuss Role Of Nurse In Brain Injury Recovery Process02 Feb 2011
Patients And RNs To March On Blue Shield HQ To Protest Rate Hike Outrage31 Jan 2011
Changes To Health Bill A Necessity To Meet Objectives - RCN, UK31 Jan 2011

Nutrition / Diet News
High Rate Of Hospitalization In Homeless People Without Enough To Eat04 Feb 2011
Cut Daily Sodium Intake: ASN Statement In Support Of US Dietary Guidelines For Americans 201004 Feb 2011
Valued Antioxidants Produced By Roasting Coffee Beans A Dark Brown04 Feb 2011
Looking To The Humble Sea Cucumber For Nutrition And To Save Our Seas04 Feb 2011
Increased Heart Risk In Vegans' Requires Omega-3s And B1204 Feb 2011
Oysters At Risk: Gastronomes' Delight Disappearing Globally03 Feb 2011
Nitrate Improves Mitochondrial Function03 Feb 2011
ASN Statement In Support Of US Dietary Guidelines For Americans 201003 Feb 2011
Eating Spinach Makes For More Efficient Muscles02 Feb 2011
National Pork Board Statement Regarding Release Of Dietary Guidelines For Americans, 201002 Feb 2011
USDA And HHS Announce New Dietary Guidelines To Help Americans Make Healthier Food Choices And Confront Obesity Epidemic01 Feb 2011
Fresh Mushrooms Help Americans Meet The 2010 Dietary Guidelines01 Feb 2011
Institute Of Food Technologists Cites Opportunities And Challenges For Dietary Guidelines Implementation01 Feb 2011
Baxter Introduces OLIMEL In Canada As The First Triple-Chamber Bag For Nutrition01 Feb 2011
Initiative To Tackle Malnutrition In Africa31 Jan 2011
Lightly Steamed Broccoli Has Powerful Anticancer Enzyme Myrosinase30 Jan 2011
AMA Urges Governments To Adopt Food Labelling Recommendations, Australia30 Jan 2011
To Boost Broccoli's Cancer-Fighting Power Team Them Up With Sprouts, Supplements29 Jan 2011

Obesity / Weight Loss / Fitness News
Global Obesity Exceeds 1 In 1004 Feb 2011
People Warned Over Adulterated Herbal Weight Loss Pill, UK04 Feb 2011
Losing Body Fat Before Pregnancy Could Help Break Obesity Cycle03 Feb 2011
Our Lady Of Lourdes Medical Center Among First To Offer Single Port Surgery For Weight Loss Surgery Patients03 Feb 2011
Lightlake Therapeutics Takes Safer Approach To Obesity03 Feb 2011
More Than Half Of Texans Lie About Health And Fitness Habits02 Feb 2011
Orexigen Obesity Drug Failed By FDA, Possibly Years Before Another01 Feb 2011
Obesity Among American Kids Driven By Lifestyle, Not Genes01 Feb 2011
Potential Risks Associated With Food Industry Partnerships01 Feb 2011
MedShape Applauds FDA Action Against Illegal Homeopathic HCG Weight Loss Products01 Feb 2011
Childhood Obesity Linked With Health Habits, Not Heredity01 Feb 2011
Children's Hospital Boston Receives $7 Million Gift From New Balance Foundation31 Jan 2011

Ovarian Cancer News
Discovery May Lead To Turning Back The Clock On Ovarian Cancer04 Feb 2011
Ovarian Cancer Risks In African-American Women To Be Determined In New Clinical Trial03 Feb 2011

Pain / Anesthetics News
Final Results From ERGOFLEX Study Show Statistically Significant Reduction In Joint Pain In As Little As One Week01 Feb 2011

Palliative Care / Hospice Care News
Assisted Death, Palliative Care And Human Rights01 Feb 2011

Pancreatic Cancer News
Clavis Pharma's CP-4126 Enters New Phase II Clinical Trial In Pancreatic Cancer Patients Refractory To 1st Line Gemcitabine Therapy03 Feb 2011

Parkinson's Disease News
Allon Announces Davunetide Improves Motor Function And Brain Pathology In A Parkinson's Disease Model04 Feb 2011
Researchers Develop New, Working Mammalian Model To Combat Genetic Causes Of Parkinson's03 Feb 2011
Discovery Of A Possible Cause Of Parkinson's Disease03 Feb 2011
Eleven Genetic Variants Now Linked To Parkinson's After Global Research02 Feb 2011
Researchers Identify 5 New Genetic Variations In Total Of 11 Thought To Be Important In Parkinson's Disease Risk02 Feb 2011

Pediatrics / Children's Health News
UNC Researchers Developing Computer Models For Pediatric Airway Problems04 Feb 2011
A Strong Community Protects Teens From Risky Health Behavior04 Feb 2011
Preventing Negative Outcomes In Impoverished Children04 Feb 2011
Children's Genes Influence How Well They Take Advantage Of Education04 Feb 2011
New State Scorecard On Children's Health Care Finds Wide Geographic Disparities03 Feb 2011
Preschool Is Beneficial, But Should Offer More03 Feb 2011
AAP Expresses Disappointment With U.S. District Court Ruling To Overturn The Affordable Care Act03 Feb 2011
New Approach Suggested For Monitoring Child Health In Developing Countries02 Feb 2011
The Presence Of Peers Heightens Teens' Sensitivity To Rewards Of A Risk31 Jan 2011
"Catch-Up" Growth Signals Revealed31 Jan 2011
Current Violent Juvenile Treatment Methods Costly, Ineffective31 Jan 2011
Biomarkers Of Poor Outcomes In Preemies Identified By Researchers29 Jan 2011

Pharma Industry / Biotech Industry News
AstraZeneca And HealthCore Announce Real-World Evidence Data Collaboration In The U.S.04 Feb 2011
Cedars-Sinai Research Team Awarded $1.9 Million From State Stem Cell Agency To Develop New Tools And Technologies03 Feb 2011
Lannett Provides Update On Morphine Sulfate New Drug Application03 Feb 2011
AstraZeneca Provides More Than Half Million People With Free Medicine In 201002 Feb 2011
AstraZeneca Provides $86.6 Million In Prescription Savings To Texas Residents In 201002 Feb 2011
AstraZeneca Provides $49.6 Million In Prescription Savings To North Carolina Residents In 201002 Feb 2011
AstraZeneca Provides $72.3 Million In Prescription Savings To Florida Residents In 201002 Feb 2011
AstraZeneca Provides $44.3 Million In Prescription Savings To Georgia Residents In 201002 Feb 2011
AstraZeneca Provides $43.5 Million In Prescription Savings To Ohio Residents In 201002 Feb 2011
Massachusetts Firm's Testing Devices Help Scientists Get Faster Drug Results02 Feb 2011
Generics Companies Weigh In On Biological Drugs, The Wall Street Journal Reports; Who Is A President To Turn to? HHS Or The Business Roundtable?01 Feb 2011
Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair To Present A Keynote Address At 2011 BIO International Convention01 Feb 2011
Johnson & Johnson Receives Approval From European Commission31 Jan 2011
Ben-Gurion U. And PTT Chemical Sign R&D Agreement To Commercialize Green Algae Strain31 Jan 2011